Elite Wall Desks - Full

291535 at Affordable Prices at Kats Medical
By Omnimed

Product Highlights
Holds charts up to 3.25" D with ample work area and Flat key or combination lock security.
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Elite Wall Desks - Full

#291535- #291536

• Holds charts up to 3.25" D

• Ample work area

• Flat key or combination lock security

• Multiple desks can be keyed the same

• Manual or adjustable gas spring closure

• Heavy gauge steel


Color: Beige -Custom colors available

Frame: Oak orCherry


Flat Key Lock Units:

#291535 - Spring Closure / #291536 -Manual Closure


CombinationLock Units:

#291537 - Spring Closure / #291538 -Manual Closure


25"H x 30" W x 4" D

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